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The Dark Solstice Box

The Dark Solstice Box

A carefully curated box to intentionally evoke feelings of grounding, cleansing, reflections and gratitude. In the deepest darkest hours of the longest night are some potent times to do the house keepings of one self. To ground into the dark, cleanse our mind, bodies and spirits while reflecting on the year past. To let go of anything no longer serving our higher selves, to tap in to the energies of the earth and go deeper. To trust the natural cycles guiding us with wisdom and love. To hold gratitude for all that has happened and all that is coming and to set intentions for expansions into the returning light.

Each box contains:
1 Dark Solstice Soak, 1 Old Man Winter Elixir, 1 Dark Solstice Drawing Salve, 3 Beeswax candles, A write up of shared wisdoms, and 1 pouch of Tobacco intended for offerings to the land.

This box is the perfect guide for moving from the dark back to the light. Made with all our love, knowledge and wisdom. 

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