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Helle of Norway

Helle GT 14C28N Knife

Helle GT 14C28N Knife

Helle GT 14C28N is a longtime favorite and has been in the Helle line since 1997. It has a big fanbase in many parts of the world for its characteristic look mixed with traditional Scandinavian knife design.

The GT 14C28N has a barrel shape handle suitable for most hand sizes and is long enough to fit big hands. The aluminum fingerguard offers a safe protection from the 14C28N stainless-steel blade. The blade has a classic scandi grind that has been hand polished to offer an out-of-the-box hair popping sharpness.

The knife comes with a snap type leather sheath of high-quality leather.

The name GT is short for the German Globetrotter company, which during a visit at the factory contributed in the design by adding some adjustments to an earlier Gunnar Lothe design.

  • Weight: 150 g
  • Blade material: Sandvik 14C28N
  • Blade thickness: 3,2 mm
  • Blade length: 123 mm
  • Blade construction: Stick tang
  • Handle material: Curly birch, leather and aluminum guard
  • Handle length: 124 mm
  • Sheath material: Genuine leather

Design by Gunnar Lothe (original design) in 1997

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