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Taiga Woodland Salve

Taiga Woodland Salve

The Taiga Woodland Salve is a carefully formulated blend of the richest conifer trees from the dense forests of Alberta. This salve is intended for the harshest of skin conditions, cracked, dry heels, elbows, hands etc. A thicker consistency allows for the salve  to pack the deepest of dry cracks and promote immediate healing. One of our customer favorites and it smells of the forests.

Ritual: Massage a generous amount vigorously to affected areas. Best after hot bath or shower before bed. Apply as needed.

Ingredients; ​Pine (pinus), Spruce (Picea), Fir (Abies),  Cedarwood Essential Oil, Spruce Essential Oil, Fir Essential Oil, Organic Olive oil (Olea europaea L), Vitamin E oil, Beeswax. 

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